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Acoustic space planning in the Open Space office

It is impossible to imagine modern office concepts without it: the open space office. Particularly since Corona's strong incursion, the concept of the so-called open space office is gaining more and more importance. The working world has changed and with it the demand for the good old open office.

The core of the modern office landscape is often a large multi-space office area where different types of daily work can be combined. The great advantage of such open space offices are the short distances, the possibility of open communication and the depiction of flat hierarchies through open architectural means.

Acoustic challenge
in the open office

But as nice as it can be to enjoy the flexibility of an open office concept, challenges often arise when it comes to acoustics. As positive as the advantages of working together in an open space office are, the acoustic situation in such a multi-space area without acoustic room separation is difficult.

One colleague is talking loudly on the phone, the next is typing ecstatically and in the background people are briefly exchanging their experiences from the weekend. Great for collegial interaction, but not an optimal acoustic situation for working in the New Work Office.

Sound curtains in the
Open Space Office

We wouldn't be specialists in acoustics if we didn't have a solution for this problem in the open space office. That's why we offer planners of New Work offices with our Sound curtains now makes it possible to realise flexible areas within the Open Space office concept. This allows acoustic separation to be created in the Multi Space Office without reducing the lightness of the open architecture.

By temporarily separating meeting zones, think tanks or quiet areas, for example, the openness of the Multi Space area can be maintained while still creating acoustically separated working zones for a concentrated working atmosphere. Our new system ROOCS also offers the possibility of structuring the open landscape of the Open Space office by means of microarchitecture.

Would you like to coordinate your personal soundproofing solution for your Open Space or Multi Space office with us? Get in touch with us here!

Room acoustic office planning for the New Work Office

Well planned makes it possible to work more quietly. Therefore, one should take a closer look at the area of the open space office before equipping it. Current acoustic office planning often uses ISO 22955 (Acoustic Quality in Open Plan Offices) for the planning process of open offices.

This divides an open space office into different application types, which can then be acoustically separated from each other by means of room-in-room solutions, variable zoning, mobile partition walls and well thought-out room partitioning.

Within these types ("Space Types"), the New Work workplaces are planned either in terms of communication with each other or concentrated individual work. Sound absorbers placed sensibly in the open space office and, for example, flexible workspaces can help. Acoustic curtainsto acoustically divide the Open Space Office.

Vitra - a Club Office as an open space office

A prime example of such a modern open space office concept is the Vitra Club Office at Vitra's headquarters in Birsfelden. Gerriets Interior Acoustic Solutions is proud to provide sound-absorbing curtains (ABSORBER LIGHT), sound-absorbing curtains (OFFICE SOUND CURTAIN) and special rail profiles (Track system STUDIO OFFICE) to be represented in the project.

With the help of our flexible room dividers for the Open Space Office, the Vitra Club Office can be divided into a public, a semi-public and a private zone. The resulting variable room acoustics in the New Work office support the fact that spontaneous meetings in the Vitra Club Office can be held semi-publicly, while workshops or video conferences take place in the private area of the Open Space Office.

Flexible and temporary room dividers in the Open Space Office

Acoustic space planning in an open space office should therefore always keep in mind the respective usage requirements of the individual areas within a multi-space area. Once clearly defined, the information can be used to fundamentally zone the space of the open space office.

Flexible and temporary room dividers provide optimal support in creating meeting islands, lounge areas or room-in-room zones within the Multi Space office. Coupled with acoustically effective room elements that create a micro-architecture in the Multi Space area, an open office concept can also function with little disruption and create a stimulating, modern working atmosphere in an Open Space office.

Your New Work office - we are there from planning to installation
there for you

For the acoustic office planning of Multi Space offices, reliable measured values as well as the possibility of accompanying measurements and advice during the entire construction process are crucial. That is why we are there for you from the initial idea to the final implementation, we plan, deliver and install.

We test all textiles used for their effectiveness in order to find the optimal combination for your open space office. Our portfolio of soundproofing solutions for new work offices is so versatile that we can put together a suitable variant for you individually. Are you interested in an optimised and flexible office soundproofing solution for your Multi Space Office?

Then let's talk without any obligation.

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