[Soundproof curtains]


Whether it is a matter of acoustically separating different work areas in modern offices or creating meeting islands, the Gerriets sound curtains effectively combine sound insulation in the office, and at the same time provide flexibility, aesthetics and appealing design.

Our Sound Curtain OFFICE system allows you to create “Rooms at The Touch of a Button”. Imagine the flexibility to acoustically and visually separate work areas, create conference zones or acoustically divide large meeting rooms into smaller gathering spaces. With an elegant low profile integrated track system and the ability to form custom shapes and small radius corners, this system gives you the creative freedom to design visually interesting and acoustically sound isolated spaces. Gerriets offers a number of configuration options to satisfy most conditions and we can work with you to design a custom solution. The great advantage of this system is that it is expandable as your needs change; additional inner acoustical layer fabrics can be added for a higher degree of sound dampening and motorization can be added at any time. The patented OFFICE WINDOW viewing panel provides a view of the outside, perfectly integrated into the high-quality acoustic curtain. As a budget-oriented alternative, the OFFICE ELEGANCE sound curtain offers flexible room partitioning at an attractive price. The Gerriets Sound Curtain OFFICE System presents you the opportunity to realize these ideas, and more!

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